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we're going to track more of it. >> in the sierra now, traffic headaches as chains were required on interstate 80 but the snow is very good news for skiers and ski resorts. the biggest storm of 2013 so far will bring some badly needed snow after a very dry january. higher elevations could see up to 10 inches of snow from this storm. >> and check this out. i want to show you a weak tornado in the sacramento north of red bluff just after 1:30 this afternoon. it did have a preliminary rating of cf-0 meaning wind speeds could reach between 40 and 70 miles an hour. no damage reported in that area. the story isn't going away. in fact, cal basketball coach mike montgomery has apologized to the father of his star player. montgomery, who has been a coaching fixture in the bay area nearly 30 years, says he made a mistake when he shoved the player during sunday night's game. today both men spoke out.
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>> got a little carried away in the heat and emotion of the basketball game. so i apologized to allen and to the team. i feel very badly and 30 plus years of coaching it's never happened before. it's something i deeply regret. it's not going to happen again. >> i didn't take anything negative out of the situation. >> montgomery was publicly reprimanded by the pac 12 conference and uc berkeley. others say that's not enough. a cal alum wants the university ó2cal alum wants the][d suspend game. president obama warned us about cyber attacks in the state of the union address. it's plagued social media companies for months and today it hit cupertino offices of apple. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us this evening after speaking with security experts who are fighting back. scott? >> raj, they're fighting technology with technology,
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tracking hackers from china in what many in both our government and our private secotor are calling all-out war. after attacks on facebook, google, twitter, "the new york times," coca-cola, and even apple, america, it seems, is in the midst of a cyber war against china. >> this it does seem that these attacks and intrusions are more brazen. >> reporter: mike is a former cyber policy adviser at the defense department. he says our government is threatened along with our personal information and says while the hackers are smart, the bay area tech industry is smarter. >> i think ideally i would like to see the government hooking up with more silicon valley companies. >> reporter: and that's happening inside the security companies like barracuda networks. here they're aware of the threat from china. they say when it comes to protecting your personal data it's a threat they see every
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hour. >> it happens all the time. it happens from everywhere. china just has the means to cover it up. >> reporter: so the attacks can be more brazen and out in the open which means we know what chinese hackers are using to attack us and sometimes it's our own technology. >> very similar tools people can use to attack the social networking site, their personal site. they were all very aware of the need to protect. those are very similar to the kind of tools you would need to hack into, let's say, the pentagon. >> reporter: and those fighting back say we can help. step one, avoid any message that looks suspicious. >> and that really comes from people who are not very careful about pass words, particularly pass words, e-mail pass words. >> reporter: so be careful because there are steps we can take to protect ourselves and our private data. in an ironic twist, the chinese
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hackers were found because in order to communicate with each other outside of the chinese firewall they had to logon to their facebook and twitter accounts where they were discovered. silicon valley technology at work to expose the hackers as well as to protect us from them. jessica? >> okay, thank you, scott. now one thing hackers could not disrupt is the steady march of google stock. shares reached a new peak today, $800 a share boosted by a rumor that google may soon open retail stores ala apple. california's largest public pension system is taking a stand on gun violence, withdrawing investments that make assault weapons and saturday night specials, both are illegal in california. that move comes after the discovery that the state teacher's retirement fund manufactured one of the weapons viewed in the shooting. today they took the first step to do the same.
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>> let there be light, san jose is stepping out of the darkness. the city shut off hundreds of street lights. now with the budget under control, the biggest city is flipping the switch. kimberly, why now and how will it help? >> reporter: they have the money now and they've been repeating so many complaints, they say it's time to act. city leaders say street lights are not just for a -- they are also for safety and those living in the darkest areas were complaining about that very issue. san jose will be a little brighter thanks to a plan the city council approved allowing for 900 street lights to be turned back on. >> san jose is a long way from becoming paris but we will be the city of lights for thousands of our residents in the coming months. >> along our major corridors,
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blossom hill road, every third or fourth light is out. so we're turning those lights back on will make a difference. >> reporter: the lights were shut off in 2008 as part of department budget cuts. >> in the throes of our darkest budgetary days we saved about $92,000 by keeping lights off. we recognize that in many places the lights were simply a major concern for residents nearby and we had to do everything we could to find the money to get them up and running again. >> there is information that would indicate street lighting makes a city safer but it certainly makes us feel safer. >> reporter: the deputy director says it will take about three months to get all the lights back on. >> hoping to make sure that we prioritized the lights that are in areas where we're the most concerned about public safety, that's one thing i would say and i will be asking the department of transportation. >> reporter: 179 lights shut
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off, represents the area. >> now that we have our budget under control, for the first time in many years actually had a surplus last year or a cushion as the mayor talks about, we've been able to restore some services and this is one of those we'll be able to restore and going forward we want to make sure we continue to make the right decisions so that we don't have to cut services. >> reporter: the department of transportation says it will start turning the lights on this weekend and again that process will take about three months to get all 900 lights back on. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. san jose police arrested a man with a violent assault in downtown san jose. the attempted robbery happened a week ago in the area of north ninth street in east santa clara not far from san jose state. 54-year-old edward brown is suspected of attacking a woman from behind as she was walking home. the woman says she was struck in the head and knocked to the ground and her purse stolen by this man.
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two people came to her rescue. a woman who came to help ended up beaten by this man. the second witness, a male, was able to push him away and get the purse back. he took off. he already had two felony convictions. he could go to prison for life under the state's three strikes rule. >> her in0 owe sense may have been stolen but a 16-year-old girl is in protective custody after being the victim of a prostitution sting. san jose police department conducted a two-day undercover operation along the monterey road corridor. investigators arrested ten pr prostitutes, four johns. they say she was a runaway from the east bay who had been working as a prostitute since she was just 11. the woman known as the livermore hummer mom is back in jail tonight just five days after being released. she made headlines after being convicted for having sex with two under aged boys. 44-year-old christine, who lives in hayward, was taken into
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custody on friday for violating her parole by having pornography in her home. her family no longer lives in al alameda county. parole agents doing a compliance sweep to see if she's following the release, found the porn. she is now required to register as a sex offender. the mother of two is barred from returning to livermore. up next, minimum age workers could get a pay raise but will it help or hurt the economy? sam brock takes a look in tonight's reality check. also, from spring training, trading in microphones. a valentine's day tale for the ages. a local couple that became quasi heroes for doing the right thing. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center tracking this storm for tonight. we've had it all -- lightning, hail, low snow. more rain across the santa cruz mountains. we'll let you know how long that will stick around.
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if you're curious about how much rainfall we have had, anywhere from a quarter to over a half inch in the castro valley.
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a valentine's day surprise that didn't come in a blue box or a vase. instead it came in a camera case. joe rosato jr. shows us there are more than just valuable memories inside. >> there's me. >> reporter: like so many other couples on valentine's day, carlos and barbara were looking for a little romance. >> it was valentine's day, february 14th. and my husband says, let's go to san francisco. >> reporter: so last thursday the vallejo couple drove to the golden gate bridge. but among their snapshots of that outing are the curious photos of barbara and carlos
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posing with an abandoned camera bag they found that day at vista point. >> i stood right in front of the bag so nobody would take it and i told my husband, this is odd. >> reporter: after waiting nearly an hour for the bag's owner to return, barbara finally looked inside. >> it had a big, large, real expensive camera lens, batteries, and money. >> reporter: in fact, the wad of cash totaled $11,062.62. rather than heading out for a ritzy dinner or to buy some new bling, are the couple took the bag down to the police station and turned it in. >> we stayed there like two hours -- two hours. we were hungry. we hadn't had dinner or lunch or anything and then we got traffic. >> reporter: police traced the bag to a visiting tourist from china using credit cards. >> an officer gave me everything
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and he said, happy valentine's day. >> reporter: mark, who didn't want his full name used, said he was carrying the cash for several vacationing families and forgot the bag on the bridge. >> i think someone who turned it in is someone very, very kind in the heart. >> reporter: mark and his family drove to thank them personally. he put a reward check in the mail. and though their valentine's day was no bouquet of roses, they are happy how things turned out. >> the people got their, you know, their money and their bag. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. a big pairing in san francisco. the giants along with mayor ed lee announced this morning the first tenant and the anchor of a $1.6 billion mission rock development which is adjacent to the ballpark.
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and he will expand transforming into a brew house and giving visitors a chance to get an up close look at the art of brewing craft beer. >> an iconic san francisco company tying in with us, i think they wanted to make a great experience for people, not just before and after games, every day is a destination. >> there is so much going on here. we have people wandering around, going on tours, a destination. >> the development will include 27 acres of retail and office space, apartments, and parks. >> speaking of the giants, it's like touring with the rock band and perhaps it's one of the hardest jobs in baseball. hard to do and hard to get. how would you like to be the giants' traveling secretary? lauren scott takes us behind the scenes spring training in arizona. >> rain is in the forecast for
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tomorrow, all sunshine and great spirit. the giants really enjoying themselves. to borrow a song lyric, it's a beautiful day. after two world series tight unless two years, the giants have no doubt achieved rock star status. it should come as no surprise that the man who helped the team tour the majors came to the giants from a similar role with rock legend u-2. >> it's sort of trading microphones for bats. >> alexander makes sure all the travel logistics are dialed in because with both the giants in the world's biggest band it's all with about making connections from city to city and with the fans. >> we were just part of entertainment, part of the show, and there's an audience. whether that audience is there to listen to music or watch home ru runs, the fact that those fans are paying the prays to come watch it, the best we can. >> backstage the giants are
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living the life of champs. we passed the mike to marco scutaro for more. >> three, two, one, here we are with the white shark. gregor, how much you bench? >> i don't know. >> let me check. >> no. >> 250. >> thanks to our special correspondent marco scutaro and his interview victim, gregor blanco. tomorrow is photo day and we will have all the sights and sounds for you from scottsdale. that's the scene in arizona. back to you in the studio. >> is sunny in scottsdale. >> it looks very nice there, jeff. what's going on? they have good weather. we have sort of not so good weather. >> i'm a weatherman i love this kind of weather. let's take a look at the satellite radar picture. we have been hoping here for some sort of rainfall this month and we finally have it. more rainfall today, as you said earlier, than we've seen for the entire month of february. the core of the storm system is
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pushing off to the south. most of the rainfall has gone with it. for tonight we're going to watch out for a few severe aspects of isolated thunderstorms that may pop up. it's just one of them around 5:00, a lightning strike in the south bay so keep your eyes to the skies. if you do happen to see that lightning bolt take shelter inside. lightning is one of the leading killers when it does come to weather. while we're not expecting a huge outbreak, it's just something good to keep in mind if you're not familiar with it. across the santa cruz mountains, down to santa cruz as we head out 30 to 40 minutes. the rainfall today but the big talk was the cold. you must have had your jacket today, that's for sure. only 49 in santa rosa. 48 in san rafael. 50 in san jose. 49 in concord and also 50 in livermore. here is the thing, current temperatures right now in the low 40s in the north and off to the east bay, a wind 10 to 20 miles an hour making a lot of the bay area feel like the 30s this hour, even the 37 in
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cupertino, a slight windchill making it feel like 32. the live hd camera network. there's the cloud top buildup. we have some towering cumulus clouds in the south bay today as a sign of instability. we take you off to the north and what you notice is we do have some clearing up above but plenty of low-level instability here across san francisco. and as we also take you into downtown looks good tonight, but bring that jacket and be on the look out or fom rogue showers that once again may develop through the evening hours. back to the weather boards. enough instability through 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 to pop showers up along the coastline. by tomorrow morning we are expecting mainly clear conditions and that is going to set us up for an extremely cold start for wednesday morning. interior valleys in the upper 20s and low 30s at 8:00 a.m. by the afternoon, we'll get some sunshine in here but it's going to stay cold with mid to upper 50s. so that three-day forecast will
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keep it dry there throughout wednesday. a chance of showers returns as we head throughout thursday. not a large storm system but also stays cloudy as we head into friday's forecast. and just in case you're tuning in now, yes, we even had snow up across the higher elevations. a look at some of that mt. diablo snow. quite a contrast from the upper 70s last week. >> yes, very much a contrast. so sunny before and so cold outside. thanks, jeff. see you in a bit. still ahead at 6:00, determining your risk of really catching a cold. the one factor that could be key. >> and changing the rules of the road. california lawmakers take aim at driving under the influence of prescription drugs. and can state republicans mount a comeback? larry gersten joins us to explain what they need to do.
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just a click away with the geico mobile app. putting up with pot?
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not if city leaders get their way. they are voting whether to ban medical marijuana dispensaries. they say they are a public nuisance. a city staff report says they bring violent crime, increased noise and foot traffic. final approval this evening. the new law will take effect in 30 days. turning our attention to politics, among the hot topics in politics, nationally and locally is the republican party. republicans lost badly in california last year. is the party on its deathbed or can it be revived? we bring in political analyst larry gersten. how bad is it? reports of my death have greatly been exaggerated? >> let's put it this way. it's about as bad as bad can get. republicans now make up 29% of the state's voters compared to 44% for the democrats. that's the biggest differential in years. and this most recent decline has occurred rather quickly as the data shows.
6:24 pm
in 2012 republicans lost so many for the legislature that democrats now control two-thirds of the seats in each house. they haven't done that in decades. and things are so bad for the republicans that the state party now has just three full-time employees. two of them work at home. and get as much as $800,000. by contrast, democrats have 18 employees and no debt. >> the numbers don't lie but why is this such an issue? >> the problem for the democrats, along with the legislature, they control every single statewide offense but it is a problem for the republicans and some would argue even the voters, why, because it's such a one-sided governance. it's very difficult for a minority to be heard much less play an active role in the policymaking process. and history shows, raj, that in one party's case elected officials can sometimes, well, lose their sense of accountability. >> okay, we love a good comeback
6:25 pm
story. is there a way back? what's the game plan for the republicans? >> there may be a game plan. next month it's widely expected republicans will elect a former legislator with 14 years' experience who served as the minority leader in both the assembly and the state senate. quite a record. he is well liked. he is a conservative but he's not a tea party type. he knows how to work with the democrats. look, his task will be to basically raise funds and candidates that appeal to increasingly racially and ethnically diverse voters. now whether he can do it, whether he can succeed remains to be seen. if republicans hope to be players in next year's election, they can't start soon enough. >> okay, challenge ahead for the republicans, thank you, larry. the health benefits of having a beard of all things. that story straight ahead. >> what cause add bay area man's laptop to suddenly burst into flames? and the company he is demanding answers from.
6:26 pm
and a developing story out of the midwest where a massive fire ripped through an upscale shopping center. we'll bring you the latest on that. and i'm janelle wang. a $50 million diamond heist on an airport tarmac in just three minutes. and his side of the story, what olympic star oscar pistorius says led up to the shooting death of his girlfriend. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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we have a developing story in ckansas city, missouri, tonight where a massive fire is burning in an upscale shopping and entertainment complex consuming nearly an entire block. police say the country club plaza right in downtown kansas city erupted in flames after a car struck a gas main outside of a restaurant sparking an explosion that appears to have leveled an entire building here as well. three people are now reported missing. there are several reports of numerous injuries, some severe. stay with us for the latest updates on this developing story. for the first time we're hearing his side of the story, are the attorney for oscar
6:29 pm
pistorius revealing why he says he shot and killed his girlfriend. >> janelle wang is here with our "world tonight." >> mace taken identity. they claim he thought he was firing at an intruder on valentine's day. attorneys read a statement that said he heard someone in the bathroom in the middle of the night and thought his model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp was still in bed. he fired several rounds through the bathroom door. when he opened the door he found steenkamp still alive but she then died in his arms. reports say steroids were also found in pistorius' bedroom prompting speculation his lawyers may consider a steroid rage defense saying drugs can cause paranoia and aggression. steenkamp was buried today in port elizabeth. >> it's a family. [ inaudible ] >> an emotional day today.
6:30 pm
pistorius' attorney asked for bail this morning. prosecutors want bail denied saying pistorius committed premeditated murder. in brussels the certificasearch for a man who stole $50,000 in diamonds. the armed men drove up in two vehicles, grabbed the diamonds and took off. the whole heist took only three minutes. officials say that man got on the tarmac by breaking through an airport fence. general john allen says he is resigning and does not want to be promoted to supreme commander of nato. he told president obama he needs to focus on health issues within his family but did not give any details. he says the scandal that led to the resignation of general petraeus, allen was cleared of any misconduct. in afghanistan a top taliban commander has been captured. afghan forces say they arrested muhammad. officials believe he's behind several large attacks in
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pakistan. raj? >> thank you, janel. new tonight at 6:00, about 200 pages of transcripts from private hearings in the chandra levy case are public. attorneys for the man convicted of her murder says the case against him is built on a lie. the pages are heavily blacked out but his lawyers will will demand a new trial. modesto intern chandra levy disappeared in washington, d.c., in 2001 while interning for gary condit. the man was convicted of killing her primarily on the testimony of a prison informant. today's records indicate prosecutors learned a year ago there was a problem with a witness and defense attorneys are outraged that prosecutors didn't share that information for months. it might be hard to believe but the federal minimum wage is lower right now accounting for inflation than it was 30 years ago under president reagan. president obama would like to raise the national minimum wage to $9 an hour claiming it would
6:32 pm
reduce poverty without costing jobs. sam brock checks the president. what does the research say? >> some of the elements might be surprising to you. surprising that poverty rates went up while jobs shrank. evidence it could debunk the president's claim. then one of the foremost economists in this country on this topic debunks our debunking. boosting the pay of our lowest wage workers is a topic popping up on local and national stages. last year san jose residents stumped for a $2 increase. >> we know our economy is stronger when we reward an honest day's work with honest wages. >> reporter: president obama lobbied the congress to increase the federal minimum wage by close to $2 claiming it will not kill jobs but will reduce poverty. >> there's no negative effect on
6:33 pm
employme employment. >> reporter: michael wright whose study on minimum wage hikes has earned him critical acclaim agrees with president obama. >> easier to recruit and retain workers. the minimum wage doesn't kill the jobs. >> reporter: naysayers, however, argued raising the minimum wage has an obvious negative impact on employment and for the moment we're going to play naysayers. the unmoiemployment rate in 197 1980 and 1981. unemployment starts out at 6% in 1978 and by 1982 it's almost at 10%. more recently the government raised wages between 2007 and 2009, and employment curves right up. 4.6% in '06 to hovering near 10% in 2010. now both these hikes occurred during recessions. one possible explanation higher unemployment. there's another reason for the
6:34 pm
disconnect, too. only 2% to 3% of workers nationwide are earning minimum wage, so overall employment, he says, isn't really relevant. >> the minimum wage affects the market. those people aren't getting anything other than jobs. the unemployment rate is namely about the bulk of the workforce. >> reporter: teen workers occupy a significant portion of the minimum age workforce. he took a microscope to that subset. >> we put in a control for the unemployment rate, in a local and state comparison and found it does not have an effect on the employment rate. >> reporter: now we were skeptical about the president's claim that a wage boost will reduce poverty since the national poverty rate went up by 3% the last time washington hiked the minimum wage. when you link up wages with
6:35 pm
households in poverty, not the overall population, the poverty rate actually comes back down. so bottom line controlling for outside factors the president's claim is pretty much true. i'm sam brock. that's today's "reality check." doped up and driving is a major problem in california. so a new bill is now moving forward aimed at cracking down on drivers who get behind the wheel while under the influence of illegal drugs. unlike the blood alcohol for drunk driving there's no statutory threshold for driving while impaired on drugs. southernc california senator introduced a bill that would make it illegal to drive under a wide array of drugs including some prescription drugs. that would create a step to prosecuting drivers. it did exclude drugs with a valid prescription issued by a licensed health care practitioner. breathing new life in a south bay neighborhood, there is a plan in place now for that area which is boredered by jackson and taylor streets in
6:36 pm
japan town. the idea to build apartments and a 60,000 square foot center for the arts. they are now negotiating with the portland base. now that things are looking up again, talks are back on. the city sees this as a way to revive japan town. still ahead at 6:00, one minute he was updating his software. the next his house was filled with smoke. what caused his laptop to burst into flames and his warning to others? and can your genetics play a role in whether you catch a cold? new research out tonight. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we're tracking a storm here throughout this evening. it's going to be a few areas of thunderstorms potentially for tonight. we'll let you know the track on that. otherwise it's also been pretty blustery with wind chills already in the 30s right now.
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in health matters tonight, what could be a new way to find 0 out if you're more at risk for the common cold, we all have caps at the end of our chromosomes and they have been link linked to life span. their length could be related to the common cold and whether you catch one. researchers say the new information could be used to identify people at an increased risk for infection. >> okay. put away the razor. growing a beard is good for your health. multiple studies reveal beards, like brian wilson's, protect against the sun. parts of the face covered by
6:40 pm
beards and mustaches on average had a third less exposure to harmful uv rays, facial hair slows down aging and prevents skin rashes. the hair stops water from leaving the skin, keeping it moisturized and protect iing it from the wind which dries out your skin. >> i need to grow a beard to keep my cold away. >> are you ready to go? >> i have one day of growth right now. you have about half a day. let's get a look outside right now in san francisco and downtown. it is clearing out after the stormy weather for today. we'll have details on who could get some ice and hit 29 degrees for tomorrow morning coming up in a few minutes.
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6:42 pm
a little antiviral cleanup on his laptop left a concord man in a haze of smoke and sparks. that was a year and a half ago. >> and with no satisfaction yet, he's going public with his complaints about the laptop and what he says is a lack of customer support. stephanie chuang has the story. >> reporter: it was 5:00 in the morning. he says his service dog woke him up. >> he saved my life.
6:43 pm
>> reporter: he describes thick, black smoke coming from the kitchen. >> and that's when he came upon a bouncing demon. >> reporter: the hewlett-packard laptop. >> it was shooting out roman candles, little missiles. i mean thousands. it was dropping on me and it left these batteries out of it. >> reporter: he says it was the firefighters on scene who alerted him he wasn't alone. >> they both told me about consumer product safety recall going on. >> reporter: hp was one of three companies using the lithium ion battery packs which issued a voluntary recall in 2008 citing an overheating problem that pose add foy posed a fire and burn hazard. sony takes all reports or claims that could impact a potential safety issue very seriously and this matter is no different. hp has launched several voluntary recalls of its own batteries almost every year between 2005 and 2011 involving more than half a million
6:44 pm
batteries worldwide. of those there were 135 reports of overheating. 94 resulted in property damage and 21 reported injuries, mostly burns. >> this is buried. this was not easy to find. >> reporter: an hp spokesperson says the company not only sent recall letters to consumers but put up these posters in stores announcing the voluntary recall. >> if there was a recall on this, why are we finding out after our house almost burned down? >> reporter: they say they never got a letter but did get an in-person visit from someone from management trying to collect evidence. >> he got upset. he wanted to say, bye-bye, all done. >> reporter: they got this letter in august 2011 asking them to send the laptop to the engineering lab. if they did it within the week the case would be closed. instead their insurance company advised sending the laptop to an independent forensic lab. efi global found nine of the 12 battery cells broke free from
6:45 pm
the plastic housing. the report concluded that an empty battery cell failed causing the overheating that ignited the fire. >> they're covering things up. the right thing costs a lot of money. >> reporter: his wife is a flight attendant. her industry is trained in recognizing batteries and how to respond if there's a bad reaction. >> chemicals separated by plastic and if it heats up, the plastic melts and then the chemicals mix and it goes off like a roman candle. >> reporter: now they say the bigger goal is to warn other families. >> you're out of the room, that fire starts, the whole thing burns up, they can't trace back where it started and i think this is happening a lot more than people have any idea. we just don't have the proof. >> reporter: the risk might be small but the consequences immeasurable and for the two who fell in love just a few years ago, what might have been the driving force to sound an alarm. >> i'm not going to get over this, it took a long time to find each other.
6:46 pm
i sure don't want to lose them like that. >> reporter: stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. let's check in with jeff ranieri one more time. today a mish mosh of weather out there. the same thing the next couple of days? >> we will be clearing out, a speedbump in the road. eventually some sunshine coming in the seven-day forecast. the heaviest rain, a few lightning strikes this afternoon pushing to the south. we do have some areas across the santa cruz mountains but that is even also starting to wind down so really what you want to look for tonight are hit and miss showers that we do think will develop and with that we may get a few lightning strikes and also some hail. the widespread rainfall is done. the current concern now heading outside, shut in for the past two, three hours, getting dinner ready. winds are 10 to 20 miles an hour. a major windchill right now. 39 in napa and also 39 in livermore. let's take you outside to that
6:47 pm
sky camera network on this cold night. the reduced visibility in the santa clara valley and also up to our emeryville camera looking to san francisco. this is shaking around quite a bit. any traveling over the bay bridge, both hands on the steering wheel and multiple players throughout the evening. here we go. the storm system we dealt with for today will be pushing off to the east as we head throughout tomorrow. then this coastal system moving in as we head throughout thursday and also into early friday. dry, not a whole lot of moisture. don't expect another storm system throughout the workweek. another reinforcing shot of cold air so don't expect any 60s or 70s to come your way as you head throughout wednesday, thursday, or friday. in the 50s for most of the coastline. that wind is not going to go anywhere as she heads throughout tomorrow's forecast. the future forecast has rain developing offshore throughout the night, a lot of that will be pushing off to the south so for
6:48 pm
tomorrow morning by all accounts we are expecting a clear start to the day and that is going to lead to some very cold temperatures. we talked about those 20s. it will drop down to 29 in santa rosa, also 30 in napa. ice could form in the interior valleys getting near the freezing mark up into the north bay. so you definitely want to remember a few of these tips. seems like common sense but keep enough distance between you and the car in front of you and also brake gently. if you hit a patch of ice that will definitely help you out of some of that trouble and be careful over those bridges and overpasses. they tend to freeze first. on your forecast, sunshine by the afternoon. it will stay cold. some slight warming but overall 56 in los gatos. upper 50s in santa rosa and also for san rafael. your three-day forecast has
6:49 pm
cloud cover and a slight chance of showers on thursday. stay cloudy and for this upcoming weekend another chance of showers on saturday. so no major storm systems coming our way at least over the next four to five days, just that possibility of showers on thursday and also on saturday's forecast. i keep thinking about that 79 in gilroy last friday and then today couldn't even get out of the 40s. crazy. >> that's good. i love it. >> it's a nice change. >> yes, it is. >> thanks, jeff. >> can we call you felledy now? are we at that level? >> i don't know it if you and i are there yet. you haven't offered to take me to lunch or dinner. we have mutual friends. we've never broken bread. >> next week. next week. >> jessica, you can call me
6:50 pm
feldy. raj and i have some issues. the giants have some issues, too. spring training. there's intrigue. the giants had a little scare today. we welcome in ahmed fareed. take it away. >> reporter: hey, feldy. how is it going? i feel comfortable calling you that. for the giants the last week and a half there hasn't been a whole lot of news but that did change today, you're right, there was an injury out in right field. javier lopez, the lefty reliever was playing catch. the next time you turned around and looked he was on the ground in serious pain. trainers were rushing over to him holding his left hand or wrist. he immediately ducked into the clubhouse after that. and then after practice bruce bochy addressed the injury. >> yeah, he's fine. x-rays were negative. he took a short hop off the back of the hand. he has a contusion there. close to the wrist area. the good news is he's fine.
6:51 pm
it was the left hand. i think the ball did ricochet, hit him in the chin, but that's not an issue as much as the hand. we'll see where he's at tomorrow. >> reporter: and it does appear javier lopez will be okay. i saw him in the clubhouse, no wrap on that wrist, no ice there either. it does appear all but a certainty now that he will not participate in the wbc. he was slated to pitch for team puerto rico n. scottsdale with the giants, ahmed fareed, nbc bay area. ahmed, thanks. bartolo colon spoke today. that is news since the first time he has done so publicly since being suspended 50 games for violating the performance enhancing drug policy. colon was forced to leave his teammates when the suspension was announced right when they were in the heart of the pennant race. >> the thing about last year the fans and teammates about what
6:52 pm
happened. mike montgomery with a stronger apology after shoving his star player during a game. he has been publicly representry mappeded and his own athletic director for pushing allen crabbe with both hands during a time-out in their win over southern cal on sunday night. >> got a little carried away in the heat and emotion of a basketball game. so i apologized to allen. i apologized to the team. i feel very badly. in 30-plus years of coping, it's never happened before. >> they have won five of their games to get in contention for an at-large bid in the ncaa tournament. raj and jess, let's go back to you. raj, i'll be waiting for your phone calls. >> you've got it. thanks. >> thank you, feldy. >> all right. you're welcome. >> thanks, david. for a full half hour of sports
6:53 pm
coverage, you can watch sports net central tonight at 10:30. ♪
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[ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ hayward is cracking down on internet sweepstakes cafes. yes, you heard right. those cafes offer online sweepstakes games which are technically illegal gambling. an emergency action will shut down the cafe for 45 days. that moratorium is put in place the council will discuss the long-term solution such as extending the moratorium. right now hayward has three of these types of cafes. well, drivers can park for free at metered spaces. you know that.
6:56 pm
>> investigative reporter vickie nguyen joins us now. >> reporter: this is being used often and illegally. we confirmed many of the people parking for free were county workers using someone else's placards. the coroner and the sheriff. the dmv says this is registered to someone else, not you. >> oh, it must be my mother. >> reporter: more from the county worker we confronted. right now, though, head to our website for more on the three things you need to get in order to report this kind of abuse to the dmv. go to and click on investigations. >> okay, we'll see you at 11:00. if you have a tip for anyone in our investigative unit give us a call.
6:57 pm
888-996-tips or send us an e-mail directly to the unit. >> and that is going to do it for us this evening. we hope you'll be back with us tonight at 11:00.
6:58 pm
>> now on "extra," mindy mccready's frightening final cry for help. "extra" with the bombshell recording she left her private eye just before her suicide. was she crumbling because of the probe into her boyfriend's death? them and he was my soul mate. >> the blade runner's fatal mistake. new evidence he may have mapped out the murder of his model girlfriend. reeva's family tearfully speaking out today as she's laid to rest.
6:59 pm
>> there's only one thing missing -- reeva. >>new york's anchor attack. the married tv news casters who just became the top story. >> he says he choked her. she clocked him in the face. what he said in front of cops that could sink him. >> countdown to robin roberts' "g.m.a." return, toasting with a glass of wine inside her dinner party with the gang. then only "extra's" inside kim k.'s new bedroom and bikini shoot. why she is curious about the kennedy sec's secrets. >> which kennedy was it, or was it all of them? >> plus, why tonight's "ncis" holds -- >> the secret to the meaning of life, so watch them all. >> we're breaking news right here that will be turning everywhere. watch closely for the clues. >> "extra, extra!"! [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> welcome to "extra" here at the grove, i'm mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. coming up, a new piece of evidence that could prove oscar pistorius committed murder.
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